Though I am not ready for summer to be over, the fall colors are truly stunning this year. 

This year is a different one for me as I have decided to take control of my life's trail more, and step outside my "box" as they say. It feels like an awakening, a breath of fresh new air, unbelievable every time I think about where I want to go and how I would like to get there....

I feel as though my life is rushing by me and I have lost control and before I know it, it will all be over and I will not have lived the life I really wanted.

 Do you ever stop during your day and really take something in? Do you see the Heron perched on the log on your way to work and stop in your mind and just think about the beuty and simplicity of it? I have, I am, it's what I am starting to do. 

So many people wake up, go to work, get coffee, shuffle through the day, drive home, get the mail, make dinner, then go to bed. How sad is that to do every day 365 days a year! No more. It has to stop. We only get this one chance, this one life, why waste it just doing that day in and day out?

So I have started a new journey, a new life, and oh my goodness does it feel glorious already! 

I am making my own products for my very own business and holy cow people are actually liking them! Buying them! What a feeling of freedom to be using a whole other part of my brain for once. The creative side, the original side. I go to bed and can't sleep because I am dreaming up new products, new twists, new photos! 

Now I will tell you my story in a future blog posting, but for now I want you to hear my mission and my reason for doing this, doing it now.

You see the earth is very important to me, you could say I am a "treehugger" or "greenie" as a friend called them the other day and I died laughing I have never heard that one before! Anyway, I am concerned about it and concerned about it's state and the living things on it. I want to do something about it, something that matters. So my mission is to not only make and sell my body care proucts, but to do it in an earth friendly fashion. All my containers are earth friendly, compostable, or reusable. My shipping supplies are made of recyclable materials or reusable as much as possible. I don't want you and I to add any more plastic to this planet. Have you seen that giant plastic, trash heap floating in the ocean in the pacific? Oh my gosh! How can we just not do something right now to help that situation and others?

So I hope you will join me. Not only by buying the lovely, delicious, handmade products that I have in store for you, but to join me in this mission to improve the health of our planet and all it's creatures. One lip balm tube and lotion bar at a time...